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Project Management Services

Whether you are embarking on a system selection, implementing a new software, or looking to improve existing processes, Baecore Group’s project managers will provide your team a roadmap and the support to successfully complete your project.

Experienced project team

Baecore Group has been providing project management services to municipalities for assessments, selections, implementations, and other projects for decades. All of our Baecore team members have 10 or more years’ experience with project management.  With a municipal focus and cross organizational knowledge Baecore Project Managers have a knowledge-base and tool set to help simplify the process and keep you on track.

Complete project information at your fingertips

Baecore Group provides online project planning tools, collaborative workspaces, and calendars to ensure that your team has access and transparency to the project information. This helps your team work efficiently and effectively on your project while management has the visibility and oversight as desired.

Solution Focused

Implementing improvements, such as a new software system, processes, or tools, are more than just an install of that solution.  It involves the integration of core processes with new and existing hardware and software solutions to provide business process improvement.  Our project methodology incorporates this “end-to-end” approach to provide you support and guidance to meet your objectives.

Public Sector Focused

With decades of experience working exclusively with municipalities and the public sector, our team has a true understanding of the municipal environment, departments, processes and their cross-functional impacts. Our team can provide real-world solutions that support your objectives.

Partnership Approach

When working on a project, one of our main objectives is to ensure that, at completion, your team has the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to manage your processes and solutions long-term.  This focus helps your organization achieve lasting improvements.

We Save You Time
  • Eliminated 7 manual process for a time savings of 25 hours per month through adding automation.
  • Eliminated 12 hours of data entry time per month by the Finance Department staff through the setup of automation for recurring invoices and purchase orders.
  • Time savings of 150 hours per year through custom dashboard allowing tracking of contractor performance on inspections and plan reviews.
  • Eliminated 390 hours per year of staff time spent per permit on plan reviews due to automation and consolidation of information into a single system.
  • Saved 67 hours per year of staff time spent updating meter inventory and utility account meter information.
  • 80% reduction in manual entry (128 hours or 3 weeks annually) by Finance Department staff using automation to create fixed asset records.
We Provide Solutions
  • Established a process using bar code labels to scan and auto-attach PDFs of invoices to the record in the Finance System.
  • Designed a process to electronically receive delivered purchased items, eliminating manual review and approval processes.
  • Designed a process to automatically create service orders that include meter information.
  • Set up automation to update meter inventory and utility account information for new or exchanged meters.
  • Mobile deployment provided instant service to the customer at the point of contact.
  • Implemented an online portal allowing citizens to apply for permits online.
  • Created custom dashboards to allow tracking of third party contractor inspection & plan review performance.
  • Set up automation to flag requisitions as fixed assets for review by Finance Department staff.

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