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The Village of Bensenville was looking to improve their permitting process and their citizen’s experience by reducing wait time. On average, it was taking 7 days to issue a permit and, on average, over 200 days to complete the final inspection and close permits.  The Community Development department had a paper based process for permit applications, plan reviews, and inspections. This created challenges for department staff to track the status of permits, identify what plan reviews were due, and inspections outstanding. It resulted in 1/2 hour of duplicate manual effort per permit. Department staff were hindered in their ability to answer customer questions quickly, taking an average of 1/2 hours of manual effort. For each question staff members needed to research the paper file and contact their third party contractor and other department staff to obtain status. Typically, it required 2 business days to respond to customer requests for information. It required extraordinary manual effort for Community Development staff to research paper files and create reports.

The Village had attempted to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system but faced challenges with delays that left the Permits, Inspections, and Plan Reviews unimplemented. Bensenville’s Community Development department needed to integrate their Permits, Inspections, and Plan Reviews with the ERP system and complete their implementation.


Baecore Group analyzed the processes and data in the current system and identified customer service challenges and Village reporting needs. Baecore identified opportunities for process automation of workflow, tracking, and reminders to expedite department activities. Additionally, we identified the information needed for reporting and designated locations in the new system to collect the information to eliminate manual processing.

Measurable ROI


Days Saved

With the implementation of improved tracking of inspections, plan reviews, and permit aging, the wait time for service was reduced by 110 days or more, on average


Dollars Saved

The Village relied significantly on external contractors for permit, plan review & inspections tasks. the increased efficiencies and automations, the Village could handle increased volume eliminating the need for external support.


Hours of staff time saved

Through process improvement, we reduced the number of staff hours spent on the plan review process by 390 hours per year.


Work Reduction 588 Hours per year – 14.7 Weeks of Personnel Time; Wait Time Reduction: 116 days per permit

  • Reduction in average permit issue time from 7 days to 3 days based on process automation
  • Time savings of 150 hours per year through custom dashboard allowing tracking of contractor performance on inspections and plan reviews
  • Eliminated 390 hours per year of staff time spent per permit on plan reviews due to automation and consolidation of information into a single system
  • Reduced average time to close permits from over 200 days to 90 days through improved tracking of inspections, plan reviews, and permit aging
  • Reduced customer wait time from 2 days to, on average, 5 minutes for response to inquiries on permit and inspection information
  • Eliminated 4 hours per month, 48 hours annually, of staff time researching permit and inspection status
  • Complete implementation of the solution in 3 months under the project management and direction of Baecore Group
  • Mobile deployment provided instant service to the customer at the point of contact
  • Setup automation in the system to incorporate plan review approvals and comments from all reviewers improving response time and communication
  • Setup an online portal allowing citizens to apply for permits online
  • Setup security and controls to allow third party partners to access the system and automation increasing efficiency
  • Created custom dashboards to allow tracking of third party contractor inspection and plan review performance

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