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Local government specialists and dedicated professionals committed to delivering value to those who serve their communities.

At Baecore Group, our focus is local government. We have a deep understanding of municipal operations, structure, and the challenges local governments face. For more than twenty years our experienced personnel have been helping our clients save money, improve efficiencies, and get the right tools in place to assist them in serving their community.

Interesting Facts


Modules Implemented

More than 200 modules implemented to provided needed solutions in functional areas across all departments.


Staff Hours Saved

Through process improvements we have identified more than 35,000 staff hours spent on inefficient, redundant or manual processes.  Our clients have been able to reallocate that staff time to more valuable activities.


Processes Improved

Our experienced consultants have designed improved workflows for more than 350 processes to increase efficiency, security, transparency and improve customer service.

Your Local Government Specialists

Baecore Group provides a team of experts who assist local governments. We work throughout all departments and organizations to implement each solution from a wholistic perspective. From finance, public utilities to parks and recreation and beyond, our depth and breadth of knowledge across municipal operations gives you an advantage. We understand the inter-department operability and seek ways to apply solutions across departments

Project Management
Business Process Improvement
Documentation - End User & Policy
RFP Development & Management
Efficiency Improvement
Knowledge Transfer
Software Selection & Implementation
Organizational Assessment & Strategy
Information Transparency

What We Do

We have developed a specific focus on providing services that help municipalities serve their communities. Baecore offers a full range of services from Project Management, Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, to Software and System Selection, Organizational Assessments, Implementation, and more.

Who We Help

At Baecore Group we know local government.  Working exclusively with local government allows us to focus on and understand the details of municipal operations, structure and challenges.   We specialize in providing services that help you serve your community.

Why Choose Us

Every municipality has its unique priorities and needs. We work with you to provide solutions and processes based on your goals and objectives. While other firms hand you a list of things that you need to do. We create a tailored roadmap that shows not just what to do but how to get it done and we stay by your side until you read your destination.

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Focused on Municipal Government

We are dedicated to bringing the productivity tools of big business to local government. Find out how we can provide your tailored solution.

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