Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS has significantly evolved in the last decade as organizations have identified ways to leverage the technology into their daily business processes. With our team you can visualize data utilizing mapping and dynamic dashboards.  Our GIS team provides enterprise planning, business process analysis, systems implementation, and application development to all sectors of government.  We assist with defining spatial information technology vision, mission, and strategic objectives.  

Why Baecore GIS

At Baecore Group, our focus is local government.  We have a deep understanding of municipal operations, structure, and the challenges local governments face.  Our GIS team is comprised of experts with decades of experience.  They understand the benefits and how to deploy GIS solutions and utilize such data to inform decision.  Whether you are wanting to see information in a map or utilize dashboards for visualizing key trends and activities our team of experts can get you there.  For more than twenty years our experienced personnel have been helping our clients get the right tools and technology in place to assist them in serving their community.


A well-implemented GIS Program will help your organization achieve:

Efficiency: Increases staff efficiency, ultimately saving money.

Security:  Enhanced data security across all departments.

Integrations:  Integrate with other systems to get a complete picture of your environment.

Proactive Issue Resolution: With visual representation, trending and clusters of issues are easily identified.

Next Steps

Whether your organization is GIS savvy or just starting out our leadership team can work with you.  We can meet you and your teams where they are and help your GIS environment mature. Our services can provide planning and staff augmentation for creating, maintain, and delivering geospatial mapping solutions as diverse as your information needs.  We provide the right resources at the right time to partner with you to reach your geospatial goals.  

Enterprise Assessment

Critical to your GIS plan is understanding where you are today and the needs of the environment.  Our team works with you to establish a flexible needs assessment based on your readiness.   We meet across the organization learning your business processes and challenges. Discovery areas include

Defined Goals and Documentation

Software Functionality Evaluation

Emergency GIS Needs Improvements

With our assessment we work with your team to define objections, identify opportunities and where needed determine actionable improvement to ensure the environment is “healthy” and in good standing.

Work Plan

Combining the insights from our experience, information gathered during assessment meeting, and available system functionality, we will develop recommendations. Our team can assist you with establishing priorities for quick action solving immediate relief if needed and improvements where available.

GIS Benefits

Enterprise Wide Solutions. Business processes and systems across the organization can be brought in so the view is holistic and meets the needs of the entire organization.  

Insights & Analytics.   Insight and analytics provide data visualization with interactive mapping and dashboards. Operational insights, analysis, reporting and business decisions are simplified without complex data manipulation.

End-User Solutions. Getting information to the end user in the best format; when and where they need it.

Mobility.  Solutions include mobile field applications and web maps designed to display and identify geospatial data on mobile devices.

GIS with Baecore

Observe & Optimize.  Keeping things up to date is work the effort. Monitoring feedback from end-users and improving the system to right-fits business needs is an iterative process allowing significant ROI. Organizations can save ½ to a full FTE with improved Enterprise-wide configurations.

System Preservation.  Let us help you with the day to day management and administration of your environment. Our program administrators make sure users are using the latest Esri GIS software desktop and Esri ArcGIS Enterprise version.

Documentation.  Our GIS team keeps your documentation up to date. We document our work plan and the environment keeping it up to date as things change.

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