Municipal Solutions

How Baecore Group Can HELP

Baecore Group has a wide variety of specialized services to assist municipalities. With our client focused approach and local government experience we provide you the services you need, from strategy, software selection and project management to implementations and GIS solutions.

Problems We Solve

  • GIS & Mapping Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Software Selection
  • Automation
  • System Integration
  • Information Transparency
  • Information Access
  • Data Discrepancies
  • Duplication of Work Effort
  • Centralized Data Repository

System Integration


Streamline processes by utilizing technology improvements that allow systems to “talk” to each other. Automate workflows and eliminate inefficiencies and duplication of work effort.


PW Asset Management

Our team of municipal experts can help you manage the strategy and life cycle of your public works assets increasing productivity and uptime while reducing costs.


Mapping Solutions

Baecore Group can help you see your assets visually with mapping solutions that can help you identify, solve, and manage hidden complications or problems with your assets

Business Process


Our Business Process improvement services provide customers with measurable efficiency and customer service improvements.



We can help you manage the time-consuming RFP, Bid or Quote process from start to finish, from designing functional requirements to managing vendor demonstrations and evaluating impacts to your business processes.

Project Management

End to End

Baecore provides comprehensive project management with web based scheduling and tracking tools, project automation, and alerts.

Focused on Municipal Government

We are dedicated to bringing the productivity tools of big business to local government. Find out how we can provide your tailored solution.

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