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Take a look through our case studies where you can see measurable results Baecore Group, Inc. can provide you.  Whether you are implementing a new software solution or are looking to improve your existing system, you can achieve exceptional, measurable improvements. Browse our case studies to learn more about how Baecore Group has helped clients improve customer service, staff efficiencies, cost reduction, automation, workflow and more.

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How Simple Automation & Workflow Can Save Time

A City faced time consuming challenges with their invoice entry and check creation process. The Finance Department staff manually entered an average of 1,000 invoices every month resulting in 36 hours a month spent on data entry and manual processes. Additionally, paper invoices were used to capture departmental approvals for invoices and were kept in a filing system requiring an average of 4 hours per month for filing. As only the Finance Department staff had access to the paper invoices, they were responsible for retrieving and providing copies of historical invoices resulting in 1 hour of staff time spent on requests per month due to the risk of invoices being misfiled.

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