Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


The Village of Itasca faced time consuming challenges managing their Fleet assets to track asset inspections, maintenance and repair work, and replacement schedule based on asset condition, maintenance costs, and years in service.  In addition, even with significant time spent manually collecting information for reporting, the Department still struggled to provide detailed information in support of requested asset purchases. The inability to produce desired reporting also hampered the Department’s ability to apply for desired grants due to their stringent reporting requirements.


Baecore Group’s solution specialists met with the Village of Itasca Public Works and Maintenance department staff and gathered information on the steps they took from the report or discovery of a repair issue on an asset or piece of equipment to its resolution. Baecore Group worked with the Village to identify requirements, create an RFP, select and implement an Enterprise Asset Management system. Throughout the implementation, Baecore Group provided guidance to the Public Works project team members to ensure the configuration not only supported more efficient processes but was also capable of producing the departments required reporting.

Measurable ROI

Hours of staff time saved

Hours of manual data entry, process eliminated through the modification to process and use of available system automations. Freeing staff time spent on burdensome administrative activities allowed them to focus on more time on providing maintaining equipment. Additional reports were created to pull the Fleet asset information, condition records and photos from the EAM system to create a packet for the budget presentation and review.

Enhanced Data Tracking

Through process improvement, automated electronic storage of photos, enhanced condition assessments, electronic inspection records and work management cost tracking, staff was able to provide enhanced data to back up budget requests for Fleet equipment replacement. The enhanced data allowed decision makers better information for making decisions and prioritizing budget requests for Fleet equipment replacements.

Redundant Processes & Systems Removed

Through deliberate requirements gathering, selection, and implementation of an EAM system the Village of Itasca Public Works department were able to eliminate redundant systems and several manual processes. Business processes were put in place to take advantage of the new system functionality, resulting in a computerized way to track service orders, work management, and resource management. This will allow the Village to better manage assets and funds spent to maintain those assets moving forward.


Work Reduced - Staff Time Saved

  • Eliminated manual process for creating Service Orders for staff reported issues through adding automation.
  • Maintain computerized vehicle inspection records for quick reference. Eliminated hours of paper filing and retrieval per month on vehicle inspections.
  • Eliminated manual creation of reports in support of new asset purchases and improved the quality and detail of the information that could be provided to help decision-makers understand the asset condition and risk of failure.
  • Completed a software selection, identified, and implemented an Enterprise Asset Management solution.
  • Identified the opportunity for the Village to use the solution, providing labor savings for additional departments and assets.
  • Setup automation in the system to create inspection and preventative maintenance work orders on Fleet vehicles.
  • Reviewed security access to ensure all departments had the appropriate access to view Service and Work Orders.
  • Transferred knowledge to department staff through workshops providing an opportunity and environment to learn and practice.

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