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A City faced time consuming challenges with their invoice entry and check creation process. The Finance Department staff manually entered an average of 1,000 invoices every month resulting in 36 hours a month spent on data entry and manual processes. Additionally, paper invoices were used to capture departmental approvals for invoices and were kept in a filing system requiring an average of 4 hours per month for filing. As only the Finance Department staff had access to the paper invoices, they were responsible for retrieving and providing copies of historical invoices resulting in 1 hour of staff time spent on requests per month due to the risk of invoices being misfiled.


Baecore Group’s solution specialists met with the purchasing and finance department staff and gathered information on the steps they took from receipt of the invoice to generating a check. Due to the number of manual processes and time intensive processes, Baecore Group identified functionality that existed in the City’s system that could automate these activities and eliminate the costs of maintaining paper records. An electronic approval process was implemented to improve communication with and across departments and the entry of invoice information was automated.

Measurable ROI


Weeks of staff time saved

Hours of manual data entry and processes were eliminated through the modification to process and use of available system automations. Freeing weeks of staff time spent on burdensome administrative activities allowing them to focus on more time on providing citizen services.


Sheets Eliminated

Through process improvement, automated the scanning and electronic storage of invoices and eliminated 12,000+ paper invoices that required manual filing. Digitization and electronic filing saved staff time spent on filing, retrieving and storing tens of thousands of paper files. Streamlined FOIA response process reducing response time and effort.


Days Productivity Gained

City staff waited, on average, 3 days to receive requested historical AP information. By providing solutions to increase transparency and improve department access to information, the City provided instant access to staff to the information they needed to complete their work.


Work Reduced 480hr/yr - 12 Weeks of Staff Time Saved

  • Eliminated 7 manual process for a time savings of 25 hours per month through adding automation
  • Eliminated 12 hours of data entry time per month by the Finance Department staff through the setup of automation for recurring invoices and purchase orders
  • Eliminated 3 hours of paper filing and retrieval per month
  • Wait time for historical invoice information reduced from 3 business days to instantaneous access for department staff

  • Established a process to utilize bar code labels to scan and automatically attach the PDF version of the invoice to the financial record (eliminating the paper record).
  • Utilizing the bar code process enabled staff to scan stacks of invoices and they would be automatically attached.
  • Designed a process to electronically receive delivered items eliminating manual review and approval processes
  • Setup automation in the system to complete invoice information for recurring tasks and invoices based on purchase orders to reduce manual entry
  • Reviewed security access to ensure all departments had the appropriate access to view invoices
  • Transferred knowledge to department staff through workshops providing an opportunity and environment to learn and practice

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