Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Whether you are looking for solutions to better maintain and manage your assets, improve your preventative maintenance schedule or understanding of job costing and lifetime maintenance costs of assets an Enterprise asset management software may be a fit for you.  Baecore’s EAM staff all have decades of experience working in the Public Sector Streets, Fleet, Water Treatment, Utilities, and Electric Departments, etc. Our Public Works team members are partnered with Baecore’s GIS experts that support our clients utilizing GIS-centric solutions to optimize the use of visualizing location data for the analysis, planning, and management of your assets.

Why an EAM?

An EAM helps organizations track, assess, manage, and optimize asset quality and reliability.  A system will help daily activities letting you harness the power of information and provide activity and financial insights to help you make informed decisions.  This approach maximizes your return on asset investment, reduces total cost of ownership, and improves predictability resulting in increased uptime.

Assets come in many shapes and sizes — roads, water, sewer or power lines, plants, pump stations, signs, signals, transportation fleets, trees, artwork — and include virtually any piece of equipment needed to sustain production, services, and operations.

The Baecore team can help implement EAM best practices to assist your maintenance teams gain greater control of complex environments and tie work completed to assets/processes and projects for improved tracking and information.

Benefits and Improvements

A well-constructed and well-implemented EAM provides a broad range of benefits.  Our team can help you take advantage from these improvements. 

Centralize asset information: Once implemented, maintenance teams easily can find where an asset is, what it needs, who should work on it and when (preventative maintenance schedule).

Resolve issues before they happen: With preventive capabilities implemented equipment is stable and maintained for continuous operations.A robust solution will help ensure warranty compliance and preempt issues that disrupt production.

Manage aging assets and infrastructure: In a robust EAM Asset and Infrastructure lifecycles are extended through informed maintenance strategies and by embedding risk management into business processes to improve return on investment.

Maximize resource utilization: Historical and real-time data collected on the use of equipment, staff, and inventory are simplified and embedded into standard maintenance process.   This data ensures and can report that the organization is utilizing resources efficiently and appropriate resources are available when needed for routine work processes.

Infrastructure Risk & Data-Driven Decisions

As your asset management system matures you are able to understand risk in your infrastructure. Additionally, the benefits of a well-implemented, robust system is your visibility to risk enabling immediate action as well as project out into the future necessary steps to mitigate risk and unnecessary expenditures. A robust system supports projections and data-driven capital planning years out.

Infrastructure Risk

With an implemented Asset Management Solution you can prioritize and plan years out with comprehensive capital planning. Key data points about your assets, including the risk of failure will help you establish timing for preventative maintenance and replacement. With an understanding of the role of the asset within the infrastructure and how critical, or the impact of downtime, you know the consequence of failure. As the consequence of failure increases and valuation and/or condition decreased you know you have increased risk. Being able to visibly see, report and map where risk is within the organization allows you to act on facts.

Data-Driven Decisions

Using the system for completion of work orders, condition inspections, and preventative maintenance information becomes available. Dynamic data from multiple viewpoints allows for long term and short-term projections as well as “what if” scenarios. With such flexibility data is transformed into actionable information ensuring you correctly prioritize capital expenditures and staffing. Baecore Group provides guidance with identifying critical information, support process design and configuration decisions that ensure your workflows and implementation help get the data you need.

Key features of effective EAM

Work Management. Centrally manage work, from initial request through completion of the work, including the recording of tasks completed, photos of the issue and resources used.

Phases of Maintenance – Reactive to Proactive (Preventative).  Move from corrective reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance and predict when repairs will be needed due to potential failure.

Planning and Scheduling.   Graphically view workorders on a map, report, or calendar. Intuitively navigate work orders to manage tasks and work dependencies with other departments or agencies.

Resource Management.  Manage consumables, equipment, and assets efficiently and cost-effectively. Leverage the software to improve ROI, promote data transparency and reduce operating costs.

Mobility.  Accomplish more from completing service orders, work orders, and inspections in the field.  Take advantage of smartphone capabilities such as photos and voice-to-text to capture information and viewing of documentation.

Analytics. Run extended and enhanced analytics, to gain operational insights. Using dashboards, reports, queries to automate the planning, scheduling and work management processes based on analysis.

Beyond the Basics

Baecore can help you take your project into the endzone with integrations with other data sources such as your Utility Billing, Fuel Systems or SCADA, to enhance data availability for asset management and issue identification. Enhance the return on your investments and visually see data turning it into actionable information with the use of GIS.

As your teams become more familiar with the use of the system we can continue to work with you to expand the types of assets track and improve business processes.  Our Asset Management experts can make sure your industry reporting remains compliant with the regulatory agencies.

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