Business Process

Business Process Improvement

Whether you are looking to overhaul processes to find efficiencies, save money and time, or are looking to get the most out of your new software implementation, Baecore Group’s experienced project team can help.  Baecore can design process workflows that save staff time and municipal resources while improving customer service and quality of the citizen experience.

Process improvements as part of strategic plans

With time things change, efficiencies are lost, or systems become out of date. We can help by facilitating a department or organization assessment to determine what is working and what is not. Taking into consideration your tools, strategy, and resources, Baecore Group will provide recommendations to enable you to achieve your goals.

Process Improvements for new software implementations

As project managers for a software implementation, our focus is to ensure that the implementation is complete, on time and within or under budget.  We also support municipalities during implementations to navigate the balance of ensuring staff is comfortable in the new system with managing change to optimize the features and functionality implemented. This ensures your organization is taking advantage of all the tools available in your new software.

Solution Focused

Public Sector Focused

As part of our process improvement work, the combination of our in-depth knowledge of local government operations as well as our extensive knowledge of available solutions allows us to provide comprehensive assessments and process solutions.  For all our clients, we have identified opportunities to streamline workflow, reduce manual processes, and eliminate redundant staff activities as well as design custom solutions in all operational areas across the municipality. Our solutions have resulted in thousands of hours of staff time saved through a reduction in inefficient or redundant activities in every department.

Partnership Approach

Lasting process improvements need to be designed with the end in mind and collaboratively with the people that will be doing those activities on a day to day basis.  Without this partnership any process design will lack the level of detailed understanding and will be a “one size fits” all solution masquerading as process improvement.  Baecore Group will work with your team and look at all the components that go into your processes including new or existing software and tools. We understand what works for your staff, their challenges and can identify opportunities for improvement.

We Provide Solutions
  • Established a process using bar code labels to scan and auto-attach PDFs of invoices to the record in the Finance System.
  • Designed a process to electronically receive delivered purchased items, eliminating manual review and approval processes.
  • Designed a process to automatically create service orders that include meter information.
  • Set up automation to update meter inventory and utility account information for new or exchanged meters.
  • Mobile deployment provided instant service to the customer at the point of contact.
  • Implemented an online portal allowing citizens to apply for permits online.
  • Created custom dashboards to allow tracking of third party contractor inspection & plan review performance.
  • Set up automation to flag requisitions as fixed assets for review by Finance Department staff.
We Save You Time
  • Eliminated 7 manual process for a time savings of 25 hours per month through adding automation.
  • Eliminated 12 hours of data entry time per month by the Finance Department staff through the setup of automation for recurring invoices and purchase orders.
  • Time savings of 150 hours per year through custom dashboard allowing tracking of contractor performance on inspections and plan reviews.
  • Eliminated 390 hours per year of staff time spent per permit on plan reviews due to automation and consolidation of information into a single system.
  • Saved 67 hours per year of staff time spent updating meter inventory and utility account meter information.
  • 80% reduction in manual entry (128 hours or 3 weeks annually) by Finance Department staff using automation to create fixed asset records.

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