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Clearing Obstacles in Local Government

Why Baecore Group?

Baecore Group is a boutique Public Sector Solutions firm that has been providing services to municipalities for over two decades. As a boutique firm we are small by design. This has allowed us to develop a company culture and philosophy that focuses on you, the client, and the work you do. We have consciously targeted our focus to develop a deep level of expertise in local government.

Our People

As a result of working only with local government our professionals have project experience in every department.  Our team has worked with job costing and work orders, scheduling integration with payroll, to eGovernment solutions, etc.

Customer Service

Unlike many professional services companies that may claim to provide tailored services, Baecore Group has the knowledge and expertise in local government to deliver.

Some Solutions We Offer

System Integration


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Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Management

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Mapping Solutions

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Focused on Municipal Government

We are dedicated to bringing the productivity tools of big business to local government. Find out how we can provide your tailored solution.

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