Learn to regulate
responses to
workplace stress

Practical meditation training for the workplace

Do you find that anxiety takes flight as you've got deadlines to meet, emails to respond to and important decisions to make?

Spending just minutes a day to practice meditation is a practical way to reset and refocus for the tasks at hand. The average person produces around 70,000 thoughts a day1, that's over 48 thoughts a minute in an average environment. No wonder it can be challenging to organize your thoughts in a demanding workplace. Consider:  more than half of working days lost annually from absenteeism are stress related2 Health care costs are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress3.

We offer training options for individuals and teams.

5 benefits of incorporating a daily
meditation practice into the workplace:

  1. Reduce absenteeism
  2. Improve talent retention and reduce employee turnover
  3. Decrease employee health care costs
  4. Increase job satisfaction and engagement
  5. Boost employee morale

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Mary Smith, Principal

Mary Smith learned early in life that  by regulating her response to stress she was able to better manage physical pain. While consulting globally across more than 20 countries and three continents including Europe, India, Asia and Australia, she spent a significant amount of time observing and educating herself about various meditation practices. Mary has supported clients by helping them transition through change in the workplace with her proven strategies for more than 20 years.

1Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California
2Albert Ray, M.D., Kaiser Permanente Southern California

3Center for Disease Control