Plans That Fit Your Life

Practical meditation training for the workplace

It’s not where, or how, we start on the path to meditation that matters. In fact, it is never where we start in life that defines us; it is where we end up.

We get it because we live it too.  The only difference is we have tools we have learned that have become habits helping us daily.  We know what it is like to live and work in a demanding time.  Our program is down to earth people making meditation accessible and simple for real people working in real jobs with family and multiple competing pressures.

At Baecore Group we can help you design a program to fit the needs of you or your organization. Whether you are an individual, a group of friends planning a weekend getaway, or part of a larger corporation, give us a call and we can customize a plan that fits your needs.

Wellness Plan
4-5 hrs initial training over 3 days
5-6 hrs initial training over 3 days
5-6 hrs initial training over 3 days
Follow up session 30 days after initial training
Training at your location
Training at your location
11 months of on-site follow up
Unlimited email support during on-going wellness program
Unlimited email support first year
30 day follow up session
Unlimited email support first year
Up to 5 people
60 day follow up session
Attend any open meditation sessions
Additional initial training sessions bi-monthly
Monthly on-site open meditation sessions
Minimum 5 people
Attend any open meditation sessions
Up to 4 people
Call 847-585-1486Call 847-585-1486Call 847-585-1486

Consider the Possibilities...

  1. Some changes and improvements can happen with ease; no matter your age
  2. What you have resigned yourself to as "just who I am" might not be
  3. The things you struggle with could fade away
  4. Significant improvements could happen with less effort than you think

Ready to improve workplace well-being?

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Mary Smith, Principal

Mary Smith learned early in life that  by regulating her response to stress she was able to better manage physical pain. While consulting globally across more than 20 countries and three continents including Europe, India, Asia and Australia, she spent a significant amount of time observing and educating herself about various meditation practices. Mary has supported clients by helping them transition through change in the workplace with her proven strategies for more than 20 years.