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The Village of Roselle sought improved coordination between their Public Works and Finance Departments to improve the response time for citizen utility complaints. Despite staffing cuts, the village wanted to decrease the number of steps residents needed to take to schedule a service call. Baecore was asked to implement a cross-departmental solution.


After completing an assessment of the current processes and systems, Baecore determined that the village's existing ERP system in combination with Outlook calendar sharing provided a best fit solution. Baecore constructed streamlined processes and implemented the proper ERP modules and Outlook calendars to support the processes and provide easy reporting for both departments.

Measurable ROI


Hours Citizen Waiting

Process changes implemented improved access to information and communication between departments and eliminated duplication of staff efforts. With greater access to information and streamlined processes the Village reduced customer wait times for completion of service orders from days to hours.


Staff Productivity

Increased efficiencies in the processing of service orders doubled staff productivity through making use of functionality in systems already owned by the Village. Through identifying and implementing ‘best fit’ tools to support Village processes Village staff improved customer service despite having staff cuts.


Reduction in Complaints

Improved processes and access to the tools to support the new processes allowed staff to work faster while decreasing errors. With policy that empowered staff across departments to assist citizens and the tools to provide access to information citizens could resolve issues in a single call rather than multiple transfers to different departments.


Service Order Processing Time Decreased 200 Hours per Month - - - 60 Weeks of Customers Waiting for Service Were Eliminated

  • Customer wait time decreased by an average of 2 hours per request
  • Staff wait time for completed service orders decreased from 2 days to 8 hours
  • The number of contacts required for a typical service request fell to 1

  • Both the Public Works and Finance Departments are able to schedule service orders
  • Scheduled appointments are instantly visible to both departments
  • Increased utilization of existing applications led to improved application ROI

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