Advanced Scheduling


The Village of Schaumburg Police Department was challenged with manual process and time consuming scheduling and payroll entry. It required 2 days, on average, to plan the Police Department staff schedules and approve overtime. Once overtime approved, hours worked, special events, internal and external details were submitted, it took 3 days to complete entry of staff time. Scheduling and staffing day to day operations, such as filling open shifts resulting from absence, vacation days, personal days, etc., averaged 2 – 3 hours per week of manual work for Police Department staff.


Schaumburg wanted a customizable solution that automated the entry of staff hours for payroll and provided a detailed view into the financial and overtime trends of the department. Baecore Group’s assessment and implementation team detailed the existing process for staffing, vacation selection and shift selection. After obtaining a complete understanding of the problem and identifying additional departments that could gain benefits from a new solution, Baecore identified software solutions that would meet the Village’s need for automation and improve efficiency. Our team presented the solutions and provided recommendations and insight into the impacts of each. Schaumburg elected to implement TeleStaff. Baecore worked closely with the Police Department’s cross-department implementation team, providing guidance and assistance in establishing the benchmarks and software functionality required by the Village to ensure the vendor implementation met the department's requirements.

Measurable ROI


Redundant processes & systems removed

Through deliberate requirements gathering, selection, and implementation of a system with the right functional capabilities Police and Fire Departments were able to eliminate the disparate, redundant systems and manual processes previously used. Business processes and automations put in place to take advantage of the system functionality, resulted in a simplified, and streamlined process that took less time, increased accuracy, and resulted in cost savings


Weeks of staff time saved

Prior to the system improvements Public Safety staff members were dedicated full time to payroll activities. With process changes, system improvements and integrations the amount of time spent on payroll was reduced to one day per week. This created opportunities for that saved time to be dedicated to other more impactful activities.


Accrual discrepancies eliminated

Due to the number of disparate systems, manual reporting, and lack of integration with the payroll system, accurate and up-to-date accrual information was not readily available to Public Safety personnel. As a result of the project and integration put in place the Village had a single source of accrual balances. Eliminating the manual processes, calculation, and transfer of information across systems accrual accuracy improved and personnel were provided access to a self-service portal to view their up to date accrual information on demand.


Work Reduced 588 hrs/yr – 14.7 weeks of staff time

  • Saved 5 days, 42 hours, per month of payroll entry for Police Department staff through automation
  • Eliminated 7 hours per month of staff time researching and fulfilling requests for information about pay, schedules and overtime through the implementation of an online portal
  • Provided cost savings through the elimination of multiple ancillary applications and consolidating the schedule and payroll information, simplifying the scheduling and payroll process
  • Completed a software selection, identified and implemented an automated staffing solution
  • Integrated the staffing solution with the existing MUNIS payroll application
  • Setup automation for payroll entry, the review and approval of overtime and schedules
  • Identified the opportunity for Schaumburg's Fire Department to use the solution, providing labor savings for both Police and Fire Departments.
  • Implemented an online portal allowing staff to see their comp time earned as soon as it was available for use, schedule, overtime, and other payroll information

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